265 Energy Ltd, Afrox enhance partnership to propel energy security, decarbonization in Malawi

Two energy companies, 265 Energy Limited and Afrox, have agreed to enhance their partnership in an effort to bolster energy security and advancing decarbonization efforts in Malawi.

265 Energy Ltd is a leading energy company in Malawi while Afrox is a subsidiary of The Linde Group, a premier provider of gases and engineering solutions in sub-Saharan Africa.

This week, a delegation from The Linde Group visited Malawi to discuss business partnership with 265 Energy Limited.

A statement issued after the visit said the visit marked a significant milestone in the evolution of the enduring partnership between the two entities, which commenced six years ago with 265 Energy’s inception as a distributor of Afrox LP gas.

It said the delegation included Hendricks Manyinda, Managing Director for Malawi & Zambia, and Ms. Grace Khangamwa, Sales Manager, Sebastian Sachtleben, President of Afrox Africa, and Joseph Ramashala who is the Director of Afrox Emerging Africa.

The Afrox delegation posing for a photo with 265 Energy Limited officials

Together, they engaged in substantive discussions underscoring the strategic importance of the partnership in driving sustainable development and energy resilience in Malawi.

During the deliberations, Mr. Asford Chilunga, Finance Manager at 265 Energy Ltd, highlighted Afrox’s pivotal role, stating, Afrox is definitely a key stakeholder in 265 Energy’s operations. This acknowledgment underscores the integral relationship between Afrox and 265 Energy, signifying the depth of collaboration and mutual reliance between the two entities.

Phillp White, Sales Manager at 265 Energy Ltd, emphasised the imperative of adaptability and partnership evolution, citing the paramount role in fostering innovation and addressing evolving market dynamics.

White underscored the strategic alignment between 265 Energy Ltd’s mandate of ensuring universal energy access for all Malawians and Afrox’s diverse product portfolio.

“As Malawi endeavors to secure its energy future and mitigate its carbon footprint, the reinforced partnership between 265 Energy Ltd and Afrox, a subsidiary of The Linde Group, assumes a pivotal role. Through harnessing their collective expertise and resources, both entities are poised to spearhead the transition towards sustainable energy solutions while catalyzing economic growth and prosperity across the region,” he said.

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