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28-year-old Denis Khang’a to contest for 2025 presidential elections

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A 28-year-old Denis Mahata Thanthwe Khang’a has announced plans to contest for the presidential seat in the 2025 tripartite elections.

However, Khang’a will have to fight some legal battles before realizing his dream because the laws governing the Parliamentary and Presidential Elections (PPE) do not allow a man or woman below the age of 35 to contest for president.

However, speaking in an interview with Nthanda Times on Tuesday, the youthful politician said it is now high time the authorities in the electoral sector to amend the constitution. 

Said Khang’a, “Times have changed. Those days the 35 years eligibility made sense . But not now. During those times a person was 11 years old in standard one. Today, an 11 year-old child is in Form One. At 25, a person was repeating standard 8 for the seventh time. Today, a 25-year-old is a well settled managing director.”

Khang’a, who has not yet established his political party, said he will be 30 during the elections.

He argued that a 30-year-old person is more vibrant than a 90-year-old person.

He said what gives him more courage is that he has a well rounded political philosophy called ‘National Resolution’ for Change’ which carries the answered prayers to his people.

Khang’a: I will inspire the nation to a desired change

“I have tried to convince many leaders to adopt it , but to no avail. I want the presidency that I myself will inspire the whole nation to adopt this resolution and benefit the country for generations and generations to come,” said Khang’a.

Khang’a said he is one of the Malawians who have been let down by politics and that is what has led him to join politics so that he can rescue people from politics full of empty promises.

He urged other Malawians who are feeling how he is feeling to freely join him in the move.

“If there are Malawians who feel the same, let them join hands and together we can do what we feel must have been done. Otherwise it’s not in my place to convince anyone. Me too am a victim. I have just refused to stay seated and watch on the receiving end. They can do the same,” added Khang’a.

Khang’a urged Malawians to be more responsible when voting for someone into power as political change cannot come without making tough decisions.  

He said Malawians need to stop being tribalistic voters and demand that political parties should provide tough ideologies.

“Refuse handouts and vote for someone who has proved ability,” he urged.

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