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A Flawed Approach

The efforts of Mr. Ken Zikhale N’goma, the Minister of Homeland Security, in relocating refugees back to Zaleka Refugee Camp have been praised for their focus on national security. However, it is imperative that we closely scrutinize one aspect of his approach that raises significant concerns.

The confiscation of national identification documents from long-term refugees who have acquired Malawian citizenship is not just an act of enforcement, but an unnecessary display of brutality. Moreover, the selective treatment of Asian refugees who possess Malawian citizenship raises legitimate questions about the true motives behind such policies.

Malawi has long been a sanctuary for refugees from diverse regions such as Asia, Somalia, Burundi, Congo, and others. Many of these individuals sought asylum and eventually became Malawian citizens through naturalization, as evidenced by the citizen documents they possess.

By seizing their national IDs and relocating them to refugee camps, the minister is depriving them of their fundamental rights as citizens and subjecting them to unwarranted hardships. It is imperative that we respect the rights and uphold the dignity of individuals who have chosen to call Malawi their home.

The selective treatment of Asian refugees who possess Malawian citizenship raises serious doubts about the motivations behind these policies. If the goal is genuinely to address security concerns or alleviate overcrowding, it should be implemented impartially, without favoritism or discrimination.

Singling out a specific group not only undermines the principles of equality and fairness, but it also perpetuates a culture of discrimination. Such an approach casts doubt on the minister’s commitment to justice and fairness and erodes the trust that citizens have in their government.

Rather than resorting to forceful relocation and stripping refugees of their rights, the minister should explore alternative solutions that uphold human rights and preserve the dignity of all individuals involved. It is crucial to recognize the significant contributions made by long-term refugees who have successfully integrated into society and acquired Malawian citizenship.

These individuals have established businesses that employ local people and contribute to the nation’s tax revenue. By focusing on comprehensive integration programs, providing support for socio-economic development, and fostering inclusivity, we can create a harmonious environment that benefits both refugees and citizens alike.

While we acknowledge Minister Ken Zikhale N’goma’s commendable efforts in addressing security concerns through refugee relocation, it is essential to question the approach taken towards long-term refugees who have acquired Malawian citizenship.

Confiscating their national IDs and subjecting them to differential treatment based on ethnicity directly undermines the principles of equality and fairness. To truly foster a just and compassionate society, the government must strive to find solutions that respect the rights and uphold the dignity of all individuals, irrespective of their refugee status or ethnic background.

Let us remember that only through inclusive policies can we build a society that cherishes the values of equality, justice, and compassion. It is our collective responsibility to ensure that the rights of every individual, regardless of their background, are protected and celebrated in Malawi.

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