African countries urged to collaborate in addressing climate change issues

Minister of Natural Resources and Climate Change, Michael Usi has urged African countries to work in collaboration in addressing climate change issues particularly the loss and damage that comes as one of climate change impacts.

Speaking on the sidelines of the African Region Symposium on Loss and Damage which was hosted by Civil Society Network on Climate Change (CISONECC) on 3-5 April, 2023 in Lilongwe, Usi said that there is need for African countries to have one voice when address issues of climate change.

“African countries have been badly hit by climate change, therefore as one platform, we do not want to be fragmented because when you are fragmented you talk different things but we need to show that what we are saying is one truth.

“Hence as African countries we need to come together and showcase one voice when it comes to addressing issues of climate change,” Usi said.

Usi speaking during the symposium.

He also urged African countries to also make proper use of research findings related to climate change. 

“research is motivated by curiosity, therefore what we need to do as Africa when coming up with our research findings about climate change, let us fashion them in a way that they are not likely academic documents but they should be compelling and be used to bring justice as well as conversation,” he said.

Pan African Climate Justice Alliance Political and Technical Affairs Chairperson, Augustine Njamnshi said that African countries should take immediate action towards mitigating the effects of climate change mainly the loss and damage.

Njamnshi making his remarks during the first day of the symposium.

“What has happened here in Malawi and some African countries we do not need to go far and look for examples as to how African countries have been negatively impacted, as Africa we need to take urgent action to avoid climate change impacts especially the loss and damage in future,” Njamnshi.

the African Region Symposium on Loss and Damage is being held under the theme ‘Consolidating Evidence African Voice for Advancing a Pan African Loss and Damage Agenda at all Levels’ and it has attracted delegates from various African countries including; Ghana, Kenya, Tanzania and Malawi just to mention some.

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