Castel Malawi commits K20 million towards tree-planting exercise

Castel Malawi Limited has committed K20 million to this year’s tree-planting exercise in Malawi, aimed at restoring lost forests.

The initiative, which was launched at the Mudi Catchment area in Blantyre, will see the purchase of 10, 000 tree seedlings with the remaining funds going towards nurturing the seedlings as a way of conserving the environment.

Speaking at the launch, Gloria Zimba, the company’s Human Resource and Corporate Affairs Director, stated that the initiative is part of their commitment to environmental sustainability.

“We will form a team with the help of Malawi Police composed of the people around the area to patrol the area and ensure that the trees are protected,” said Zimba.

Participants captured planting a tree seedling during the launch

The partnership between Castel Malawi and the Blantyre Water Board (BWB) is an important step towards protecting the environment and ensuring a sustainable future for generations to come.

BWB Senior Water Quality and Environmental Officer, Joe Chimeta, commended Castel Malawi for the gesture, saying it compliments their efforts to save the Mudi Catchment Area.

“We have had a challenge with siltation of the dam due to the cutting down of trees around this catchment area. Five years ago, members of the surrounding communities encroached this place, but we are making progress to restore it,” he said.

The tree-planting exercise is also aimed at creating awareness about the importance of conserving the environment and encouraging people to participate in environmental conservation activities.

The participants, which included school children around Ndirande, residents of Ndirande, BWB employees, Police officers and Castel Malawi employees, planted the trees with enthusiasm, with a sense of satisfaction among them as they took part in an activity that will help to protect the environment.

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