Chakwera inaugurates first-ever National Intelligence Service Complaints Tribunal

President Dr. Lazarus McCarthy Chakwera on Thursday inaugurated the first-ever National Intelligence Service Complaints Tribunal, which gives Malawians an opportunity to seek a review and adjudication of matters related to the operations and activities of the National Intelligence Service (NIS) and its personnel.

The tribunal comprises Justice Professor Redson Kapindu, Sarai Chisala-Tempelhoff and Mr Brenant Chitanda.

Speaking after the tribunes took their oaths of office at Kamuzu Palace in Lilongwe, President Chakweera emphasized the importance of office bearers abiding by ethical principles, refraining from abusing their power or politicizing their organization, and prioritizing service to the nation of Malawi.

He highlighted that the establishment of the Complaints Tribunal marks a significant milestone in the history of Malawi, and the appointment of its members is a testament to their exceptional qualifications and experience.

A Commissioner taking an oath at the Kamuzu Palace in Lilongwe

The Complaints Tribunal for the National Intelligence Organisation is a legally recognized entity that has been established with the sole purpose of scrutinizing and resolving issues pertaining to the operations and conduct of the NIS and its personnel.

This tribunal was brought into existence under the provisions of the National Intelligence Service Act (2017) (Sections 26 to 35), which authorizes it to probe complaints lodged against the NIS and its staff.

Despite having received assent earlier, the NIS Act (2017) only became operational on 8th February 2021, and the establishment of this tribunal serves as a significant step towards ensuring accountability and transparency within the NIS.

Minister of Defence Harry Mlekanjala Mkandawire, Homeland Security minister Dr Ken Zikhale Ng’oma and Secretary to the President and Cabinet Madam Colleen Zamba were among the dignitaries that attended the inauguration ceremony.

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