CSO leader Kambanje, his grouping dared to provide evidence on sudden wealth of minister’s daughter

Political and governance activists have demanded that Edward Kambanje and his grouping, Concerned Citizens of Malawi, should provide evidence substantiating allegations that Regina Chithyola bought 20 posh cars used money stolen from the public service.

The demand follows a decision by Kambanje and his Concerned Citizens of Malawi to prod the Anti-Corruption Bureau (ACB) to investigate Regina, a daughter to the Minister of Finance and Economic Affairs, Simplex Chithyola Banda, on possible theft of public resources.

Kambanje and the Concerned Citizens of Malawi argued that Regina is displaying her sudden extensive wealth at a time Malawians are struggling for forex and wrestling against themselves to fetch for the very basics of life like food.

They therefore demanded that ACB should institute a probe to establish her source of wealth.

But reacting to the development, political and governance activists have questioned the motive behind the demand and how the citizenry would benefit from it.

The political and governance activists, trading under the name Mbadwa Zokhudzidwa and led by Fredrick Billy Malata, expressed their discontentment in the way how fragile the civil society sector has become when it comes to matters of national concern.

Malata argued that while Malawi is a democratic state where people are not limited to enjoy freedom of expression and opinion, CSO leaders need to be mindful of the provision of Bill of Rights under Chapter 4 of the Republican Constitution where it is clear that every person is obliged to enjoyment of freedoms as detected.

“We are shocked with revelations that were contained in a letter by Concerned Citizens of Malawi, dated 25th December, 2024 under reference number 021/230524/02. addressed to the Director General of Anti-corruption bureau. In the letter, it is alleged that a 24 year girl by the name Regina Chithyola, who is a daughter to Minister of Finance has bought 20 posh cars within a very short period of time when her father is a Minister. We are informed that the letter in circulation to ACB carries a name, signature and contact number of one by the name Queen Kapalamula who is part of us here, was put without her consent,” he said.

Malata described the allegations against Regina as being tantamount to draw the interest of the public as well as intellectually traumatizing to the young girl of 24 years.

“It is therefore our considered view that the Concerned Citizens of Malawi should bring out authentic evidence to justify the allegations that are leveled against Regina Chithyola. We believe the availability of evidence will help us and all Malawians of good will to join them in pursuing this matter further. To the contrary, in the absence of this critical evidence now, it shall emphatically means that these allegations are based on mere speculation as a result of political fights by top officials in the political set up knowing the daughter in question belongs to a politician. We are of the view that in a perioc of 72 hours from now; the Concerned Citizens of Malawi should come out with all gathered evidence against Regina Chithyola so that law enforcemen. agencies can do their job based on the evidence, otherwise we as Mbadwa Zokhudzidwa will be compelled to seek a legal redress noting that there is an infringement on the rights of a young girl,” he said.

“We believe whatever is happening is simple politics aimed at destroying each other at a time when unity of purpose is paramount. We are convinced to say that the battles that have engulfed many political parties in the country are resulting into fights as evident by the matter at hand. However, as you fight would be pleasing to advise that family members of those fighting should ne become part of the fight in any way,” he continued.

Malata warned that should Concerned Citizens of Malawi fail to provide evidence to ACB within 72 hours so that this matter can be easily probed, they will seek court redress on the matter.

“We call upon ACB to act based on the provided evidence so that we avoid scenarios where Malawians are becoming footers of negligence of other people. We call upon CSO leaders to be agents of positive change through promotion of evidence based advocacy, transparency and accountability,” he emphasized.

Kambanje could not be immediately reached for a comment.

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