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CSOs press govt to provide quality services to Malawians

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The National Advocacy Platform (NAP), a consortium of non-governmental organizations in Malawi, has asked the Tonse Alliance government to fast-track measures that would see it providing quality services to the citizenry.

The organizations made the sentiments during a press briefing they held in Lilongwe on Thursday.

NAP chairperson Benedicto Kondowe said as citizens, Malawians have the right to good service delivery in terms of clean water; clean energy and said the government should therefore as well fast-track public sector reforms which he said are crucial in the country’s development.

Kondowe: Government must move with speed to address socio-economic challenges Malawians are facing

Kondowe, while commending the government for some good strides including constitution of the financial crimes court, noted that there is still more for the government needs to do to uplift the citizenry from poverty.

One her part, chairperson for NGO Gender Coordination Network, Barbara Banda, asked for more protection for women and girls who she notes are prone to more abuse. Banda noted that because of inequality issues, there are also some inequalities in terms of service delivery.

She has also asked for more funds for various projects including roads saying this is important.

“Malawi continues to be a land of inequalities where we see the public service delivery continue declining. Therefore, the government needs to formalise the informal sector to expand on domestic revenue mobilization,” said Banda.

Human Rights Defenders Coalition, Youth and Society (YAS) and Human Rights Consultative Committee (HRCC) are some of the NGOs that have endorsed the statement.

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