DPP aspiring MP Prince Mattaka accuses party leaders of misleading APM

Mulanje South West aspiring member of Parliament, Prince Mattaka, has taken a swipe at senior leaders in the former governing Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) for what he has termed as ‘misleading of Professor Arthur Peter Mutharika (APM) to pick Everton Chimulirenji as running mate in the 2019 presidential election’.

Describing that advisor as not only bad, but also evil, Mattaka – who will contest on the DPP ticket in the 2025 parliamentary poll, warned the party leaders that they risk the wrath of the youth if they continue influencing Mutharika to stand again in 2025.

He made the warning on his Facebook page.

“Whosoever advised APM to pick Chimulirenji as vice president is also influencing him to contest in 2025. That advisor is bad not just bad, but evil. When making decisions you must consider youths and not just youths but generation,” he fumed.

Mattaka reminds his fellow DPP followers that, in life, a person has three stages, which he termed as the stage when parents or guardians make decisions for you, the stage when you make your own decisions and the last stage when one goes back to a stage of following instructions for your cycle.

Peter Mutharika, DPP President

He then accuses DPP politburo for trying to influence APM to stand again in their effort to continue stealing government money.

“I understand you’re busy influencing the great guy so that you can continue finishing your lodges and hotels pogula cement opanda tax as before which will not be possible this time. I am a loyal member of DPP koma nsimasekerera zopusa olo mutandiikira ndalama patebulo this is about Malawians and youths, generation as well.

“Let the good man rest and enjoy his retirement muziganizira ali bambo anu muzingowayendesa kuwatukwanisa kwa ana osakhwima pamchombo just for your foolish personal gains,” says Mattaka.

But Limbani Joseph criticized Mattaka for contradicting himself on his support or no support for APM.

Joseph notes that two days earlier, the aspiring lawmaker posted a message in which he was asking DPP followers to rally behind APM only to change within days.

“Two days ago you said amzanu ena akuti muwathandize kupanga post za APM kuti ayimaso and you did that. Lero mukubwera ndimfundo imeneyi mukupereka chithunzi thunzi chanji kwa ma followers anu? Kodi simukuona nokha kuti omwe amakupemphaniwo  ndi omwe akumukakamiza APM?  Bwanji mukufuna kupinda nkhani?” he asked.

Another social media fan and apparently a Malawi Congress Party (MCP) supporter, Ronald Shaheed Mambo, attributes the chaos in DPP to greed and selfishness by senior party party leaders.

Mambo warned that with the current leadership, DPP has cannot dislodge Malawi Congress Party (MCP) in the 2025 presidential election.

“The last time I checked, your candidate said, no matter who challenges him ku convention, iyeyo ndi owinawina kale. APM akapanga contest ku convention, kamgwetseleni konko. For your information, MCP isn’t PP. MCP is a big brand. Unfortunately, there are a few souls in DPP who can manage to poke let alone dislodge it, hence the need for APM’s possible contesting.  If he decides not to contest, we will as well honor his decision,” reacted Mambo

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