DPP infighting sign of confused leadership

Human rights and social media influencers have described the ongoing infighting in the former governing Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) as a sign that the leadership of the party is confused.

In their chat on Citizens Voice – a WhatsApp platform – the activists and influencers advised DPP to ‘forget that it is still a force to reckon with’.

They were responding to an assertion by a DPP zealot who suggested that the infighting is part of the strategy to confuse opponents.

Citizens Voice has 114 participants composed of prominent human rights activists and social media influencers

One of the participants claimed that DPP is a system and that the infighting is a strategy to deceive its opponents.

“DPP is a system and the systematic infighting is part of that machine and from your conclusion the machine is delivering it’s objective which is to confuse opponents,” submitted the DPP follower.

But in response, a well-known activist and social media influencer rubbished the assertion.

“That’s a useless machinery because infighting cannot confuse any opponent, even the weakest one. Infighting just shows how confused and greedy that party’s leaders are,” he said.

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