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Enough of barbaric actions, DPP condemns MCP crackdown on activists

In a letter written and signed by presidential and party spokesperson Shadric Namalomba, the Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) has strongly condemned Malawi Congress Party (MCP) for its crackdown on activists, in particular the arrest of Edward Kambanje.

Kambanje is a human rights activist who is calling for an investigation into the alleged corruption involving finance minister, Simplex Chithyola and her daughter.

DPP says these actions by the MCP are retrogressive, barbaric and undemocratic with an intention of suppressing criticism and opposition against looting public resources.

“Malawians have not forgotten the MCP brutality and terror during the 30 years of one party state. Our fathers and mothers quotes and defeated this old dictatorial regime of MCP. We believed we could freely express ourselves our thoughts and feelings of frustration pain and all disapproval against any state inhumanity and impunity. We hope that we could freely get our leaders to account for the power given to them to rule over us. This was so until regrettably they coming in of MCP with each leader Chakwera in 2020,” part of the letter reads.

The DPP has said they further wish to register their utmost regret and frustration the Malawi Police Service which is now on a spree of dereliction of its core duty of protecting Malawians regardless of their color, political affiliation or region.

Human Rights Activist Edward Kambanje

The Inspector General of police has been called upon to introspect and ask herself the difficult questions the kind of legacy she would love to leave behind. Under her watch, the opposition has seen an increase of political violence perpetrated by MCP zealots which Malawi police chooses not to bring to book.

In its statement, the DPP is calling for the immediate release of Kambanje. At the same time, the DPP has called for the anti-corruption bureau and all law enforcing authorities in the country need to hide under the carpet available in the unsubstantiated of the Minister and her daughter.

“It is imperative to stress that Malawi is undergoing a revolution that not even those in power can stop it. Malawians are sick and tired of a regime that mercilessly rules with impunity. Malawians are heading a silent revolution that will unearth the regime in power out of its grip in September 2025. A better Malawi is possible with APM and the DPP come 2025 !”

Human rights activist Edward Kambanje, who was arrested Friday evening, was transferred to Lilongwe Police Station under heavy police presence.

According to eyewitnesses, a convoy of police vehicles was seen leaving Blantyre Police Station, with Kambanje in custody.

The transfer is believed to be an attempt to silence Kambanje, who has been vocal in exposing corruption and demanding accountability from government officials.

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