Farmers cautioned against selling maize to vendors

M’mbelwa District Council Director of Agriculture, Environment and Natural Resources, Beatrice Mbakaya has advised farmers in Mzimba District against selling their agricultural produce to vendors as the district is anticipating hunger in some areas.

In an interview with Malawi News Agency (MANA) on Tuesday, Mbakaya said the district has been greatly affected by dry spells which have contributed to the withering and underdevelopment of crops in Mzimba.

“Mzimba District registered over 20 days of dry spells during this growing season which contributed to stunted growth and withering of crops in several areas in the district. As such, farmers should know that we are likely to experience hunger in the coming months and should refrain from selling their grains to vendors at an early stage,” she said.

Mbakaya further advised farmers in the district to adopt climate resilient technologies for improved agricultural productivity and enhanced nutrition security.

Mbayaka: Farmers should not sell their crop produce

She said: “It is high time farmers started adopting climate smart agriculture technologies such as manure production, drip irrigation, livestock keeping, genetic modified crops adoption and moisture retention methods.”

Mbakaya also urged farmers to grow drought tolerant crops such as cassava, cassava, millet and sweet potatoes which may act as a substitute for maize.

“People in the district should realise that maize is not the only source of carbohydrates, therefore, they must try out other alternatives in the wake of climate change shocks”, said Mbakaya.

Commenting on the matter, Group Village Head Venge Nyirenda asked community members to take heed of the advice to prevent hunger from striking their households.

One of the farmers, Ephrina Mvula said the advice has come at a right time because it will help most farmers weigh their options, whether to store their produce for future use or fall for money and face hunger.

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