Global Compassion Coalition opens its office in Malawi, to create a compassionate country

Global Compassion Coalition has announced the opening of its offices in Malawi with an aim of developing ‘hubs of compassion’ through the country.

The coalition is an international movement of compassion researchers, teachers, and activists working to spread and embed compassionate thinking, feeling, and action.

Currently, it has over 125, 000 members and a network of more than 90 Connector groups across the world.

In Malawi, the coalition is being spearheaded by Zomba-based nurse, Suzy Dzimbiri.

At their launch meeting this week, Compassion Connectors Malawi announced their commitment to creating a “compassionate Malawi” through a combination of community organizing and national-level campaigning.

The focus of their activities will be on connecting communities together, challenging prejudice, and getting support to individuals in need.

Dzimbiri has already been active in her community of Zomba, establishing a program of support for isolated older individuals. She now supports upwards of 20 people with weekly visits and by organizing for supplies of food and medicine to be brought to them.

“I was brought up with a fundamental belief – that everyone deserves to be seen, heard, and valued. And yet in society we see that too many people are denied that right. People who are excluded and isolated. People who simply lack the resources to lead a decent life. I want Malawi to be a country where everyone can feel welcomed. We are a beautiful nation made up of beautiful people. Let us celebrate that and work together – pooling talents, skills, and resources for the better of all. We face many challenges. But we cannot deal with them divided nor wait for someone else to fix them for us. I invite everyone to join me and my fellow Connectors in building a wave of compassionate action that will spread across our country,” said Dzimbiri.

Dr Mamphela Ramphele, the sitting Chairperson of the Global Compassion Coalition, said he knows his work from his association with the Black Consciousness Movement and with Reimagine (SA) that community empowerment is the route to transformative social change.

“Very often the status quo is maintained because whole populations have not yet realised or utilised their own power. Suzy and her team’s work in Malawi is going to be instrumental in supporting his people to come together, see their common humanity, recognize their own strengths and resources, and use those to create new cultures and institutions – ones that support, care, and empower,” said Ramphele.

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