Govt’s commitment on corruption fight draws mixed reactions

Experts and commentators have expressed mixed reactions to State President Dr. Lazarus Chakwera’s sentiments on the fighting against corruption.

When he opened this year’s tobacco season at Chinkhoma Auction Floors in Kasungu on Monday, President Chakwera urged the general public to report any person involved in corrupt cases to the Anti-Corruption Bureau (ACB).

But reacting to Chakwera’s remarks, good governance expert Victor Chipofya said despite all the calls that have been made in the country in the fight against corruption, it is sad to note that the vice still stands.

“The issue of corruption started way back in 1994, but why are we still struggling with the same problem over and over again? This is the question we need to be asking ourselves as a country,” said Chipofya.

Chipofya: We still have a long way to deal away with corruption

Chipofya further emphasized the necessity of fortifying institutions responsible for governance and anti-corruption efforts, such as the police, the ACB, and the auditor’s office, ensuring their independence from individuals involved in corrupt activities.

In his words, Political Commentator Vincent Matiya Chirwa says the sentiments have come at an inappropriate moment, particularly given the number of pending cases involving high-profile individuals at the ACB.

Chirwa has meanwhile called for concrete actions rather than mere rhetoric, urging for tangible results from the ACB instead of relying solely on verbal assurances.

“Malawians need action and nothing else. Action is what matters most, rather than speaking on podium. We have witnessed that every Head of State promise to deal away with corruption, but they do not take any action,” said Chirwa.

Social commentator Billy Banda has also criticized the government’s failure to address corruption, citing it as evidence of a lack of commitment to combat the issue.

Banda underscores that unaddressed corruption hinders economic growth and reflects poorly on the leadership’s ability to fulfill campaign promises.

He stressed the importance of establishing transparent governance systems to effectively tackle corruption and its detrimental impact on the economy.

Our efforts to speak to the government proved futile as we couldn’t get hold of Government Spokesperson Moses Kunkuyu.

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