Immigration deports 3 Rwandese over forgery of documents

The Department of Immigration and Citizenship Services in Lilongwe has deported three Rwandese for forging Emergency Travel Documents.

The department’s national publicist, Wellington Chiponde, identified the three as Manirunva Elly Ismael, Sandrine Mazero and Ishimwe Elyse Faustin.

Chiponde said the trio was arrested on 25 March at Kamuzu International Airport in Lilongwe during check-in when they were trying to leave the country using forged traveling documents.

“They were later referred to the Regional Immigration Office where the Compliance and Investigation unit took up the matter. During interrogation, the three confessed possessing the forged Emergency Travel Documents and pointed the one Deborah Jacklin as a masterminder behind the forged documents who is currently at large,” he said.

Chiponde: The three forged documents

Chiponde added that in deporting the trio, the department, through the Minister of Homeland Security, has invoked section 39(2) b of Immigration Act, which gives mandate to deport culprits who contravene the immigration laws and regulations.

“The department is warning the general public and all foreign nationals that forging of travel documents is a serious offence and anyone found will be brought to book. The three has since left through Kamuzu International Airport on Wednesday, 03 April 2024 to their country of origin,” he said.

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