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Introducing “Life Purpose”, an Inspiring New Book by Ketson Kayuni

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In the “Life Purpose” book, Kayuni shares his insights on topics such as self-discovery, goal setting, and overcoming fears.

The young author told Nthanda Times in an interview that he drew inspiration from the many challenges people face in life, as well as his own personal experiences, to create a book that is both informative and relatable.

“Just want to let people know that a life with a purpose is worth risking because you know what you are doing and the benefits after that. You lose less. The other thing that inspired me most to write this book is that we all have a chance or option to choose who we want to become, but small things make us fail to reach our goal like “not knowing what to do” and “fear”.

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“I just wanted to let people know that a life with a purpose is worth risking because you know what you are doing and the benefits after that. You lose less,” said Kayuni.

The “Life Purpose” book by Ketson Kayuni

As the founder of the fast-growing brand “Survivor 01”, Kayuni is a firm believer in supporting local talent and encourages readers to pick up a copy of “Life Purpose” and support Malawi’s writing industry.

“I would recommend people to buy and read this book, not only because they will learn a lot, but they will also appreciate that in Malawi we can also write and produce good materials. It is my plea to the industry that they should support Malawian talent.

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“It is high time we start reading our products/books than always spending money on Amazon and other means of buying books. We lose a lot from that. Let the talent pay the talented,” he pleaded.

Despite the fact that the writing industry is still developing in the country, Kayuni who is inspired by Malawi Energy Regulatory Authority (MERA) Chief Executive Officer Henry Kachaje says he is optimistic about its future and calls on the government to support and recognize young talents.

Kayuni: Government must recognize young talent in the country

“I have noted one problem.  The youths are not supported and the government does not recognize their talents. Writing is underestimated in our country and yet our friends are benefiting from such. It is so pathetic that even the literature we learn is from outside and yet we can learn from locally made books. The government should try trusting and supporting the youths in recognizing their talents,” he said.

To aspiring authors, Kayuni offers words of encouragement, urging them to never give up on their writing and to always believe in themselves.

“Know what you are doing. You will receive discouragement even from those you think will support you, that is part of the game. Writing is not easy, and it is easy if you take it right.

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“Never give up on what you are writing. It might not be that book or piece of writing that will put you in a position of your interest, but the next one will always do. Don’t stop on the way,” he encouraged.

After reading part of Kayuni’s book, author Kiran Ntapasha appreciated how it has been compacted.

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“I will always turn to this book to remind myself that a life with purpose is worth risking, building, and living. There’s wisdom in the pages of this book.”

The “Life Purpose” book is available at a lower price of MK5,000 and can be purchased through the “Survivors 01” Facebook page or by contacting the author at +265991945423.

Don’t miss out on this incredible opportunity to learn from one of Malawi’s up-and-coming talents. Order your copy of “Life Purpose” now!

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