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Kabwila says it’s time Malawi used PR to tell its story

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The Malawi School of Government (MSG) has said that it is  time for Malawi as a country to take advantage of public relations practitioners for it to be able to tell its own story and set a narrative of success to the world.

MSG Kanengo Campus Acting Director Dr Jessie Kabwila was speaking on Thursday  in Mangochi during the opening of a two-day PR training for non-PR executives and managers from both the private and public sector. The PR training has been organised by MSG in partnership with CNM Communications Consulting Agency.

Kabwila  said for a long time Malawi has been known as a country of failures but was quick to note that the narrative  could be reversed if those in executive positions utilised the power of public relations.  She said it was the reason why MSG and CNM entered into partnership in order to address these issues. 

 “The intention of the partnership between MSG and CNM is simple, to make sure that the functions of MSG are aligned to the Malawi2063. This partnership recognises that it is now time that Malawi has to use PR function in telling the national story. 

“It is time that PR should now be used in constructing a narrative of success for the country and help shape our journey towards 2063,” said Kabwila.

Kabwila: Malawi has been known as a country of failures, which is not true

The two-day long course aims at enhancing participants’ knowledge and understanding on the strategic role of PR in management and how it can effectively be used in achieving overall organizational goals and objectives. 

This is the second programme in a series of short PR courses being jointly organised by MSG and CNM. The first PR course, held in March this year, targeted PR practitioners, spokespersons, information officers, personal assistants, marketers and other communication executives from both the MDAs and the private sector. The course also looked at how organisations can utilize PR to communicate and popularize the MW2063. 

In his remarks CNM Communications Managing Director Baldwin Chiyamwaka said the purpose of these courses is to share skills not only with PR practitioners but also other professionals within organisations. 

“PR is an area that is still relatively new and people across the board have to get the required skills. With this particular training, we are hoping that the ability of non-PR executives whether in senior management, human resource, operations, programmes, finance and other related departments to utilise the public relations strategic function,” said Chiyamwaka.

Keynote Speaker Paul Kwengwere, who is also Chief Executive Officer (CEO) for Malawi Investment and Trade Centre (MITC) called on the participants to start taking PR as one of the most important functions and a pivotal strategic pillar for organisations.

“PR offers a number of functions that we can leverage on in the management of our organisations. PR is also crucial in constructing and telling the national story,” said Kwengwere.

The training has, among others, attracted participants from the Department of Human Resource and Management, Central Region Water Board, Ministry of Homeland Security, and Cannabis Regulatory Authority. 

In November last year MSG and CNM signed a partnership to work together in various areas including organising short communications and PR courses specifically targeting those working in the public service. The short courses are also open to corporate organisations in the private sector. 




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