Malawi Government Lifts Cholera’s Public Health Emergency Status

Minister of Health Khumbize Kandodo Chiponda announced Monday evening that cholera, which tragically claimed the lives of more than 1,700 individuals over the past year, is no longer categorized as a public health emergency within the country.

Chiponda, also leading the Presidential Taskforce on Covid-19 and Cholera, released an official statement solidifying this decision.

The revaluation was a result of the taskforce’s thorough assessment of the cholera landscape in Malawi.

“Over the past three months, we have observed a consistent decline in new cholera cases and fatalities. Notably, 26 out of 29 health districts have effectively managed the outbreak, showing a marked decrease in both case numbers and fatalities,”  Chiponda conveyed.

Furthermore, Chiponda disclosed that the remaining three districts – Chikwawa, Blantyre, and Mangochi – are currently reporting fewer than five cases daily.

Minister of Health Khumbize Kandodo Chiponda

This reassessment of the cholera outbreak classification has led to a downgrading from level 3 to level 1.

Consequently, the Ministry of Health will shift its reporting frequency from daily to weekly updates on cholera cases.

However, it’s of utmost importance to underscore that cholera prevention measures will remain steadfastly in place throughout Malawi until the outbreak is comprehensively contained across all health districts.

President Lazarus Chakwera had declared cholera a public health emergency on December 5, 2022. The outbreak, initially emerging in March of the previous year, exacted a devastating toll, resulting in the loss of 1,768 lives and impacting a total of 58,979 cases nationwide.

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