Mixed reactions as President Chakwera starts working from Capital Hill

On February 19, 2023, Presidential Press Secretary Anthony Kasunda informed the nation about Chakwera’s intention to work from his Capital Hill Office.

However, this has not gone down well with social and political commentators such as Lucky Mbewe and Latim Matenje who argued that this will not be in the best interest of Malawians.

Mbewe said a lot of resources are wasted when the President travels and “he is only trying to clear his name on how erroneously the country is being governed”.

Experts fear his working from Capital will drain resources – CHAKWERA

He proposed that President Chakwera should hire someone to do the duties on his behalf at Capital Hill.

On the other hand, Matenje argued that working at the City Centre Offices is not enough, but that Chakwera must supervise various offices and see what is being done.

Previously, Press Secretary to the President, Anthony Kasunda, said President Chakwera has been working from home at the State House since he was elected and this will be the first time for him to operate from the Office of the President and Cabinet premises.

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