MP Victoria Kingston accused of snatching someone’s husband: “I won’t stop fighting until I get my man back”

United Kingdom (UK)-based woman, Nelly Mhangani-Liwonde, has accused Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) legislator for Mangochi Central Constituency, Victoria Kingston, for allegedly snatching her husband, Lincoln Liwonde, whom Kingston got engaged a few days ago.

But Kingston denies the allegations, challenging Mhangani-Liwonde to produce evidence that her marriage to Lincoln was valid. The lawmaker has gone a step further by engaging a lawyer who is now demanding an apology from Nelly.

Through her lawyer, Sylvester Ayuba James, Kingston argued that there has been no romantic or intimate communication between the husband and Nelly since she left the country that a year ago.

“There has never been any romantic or intimate communication whatsoever between you and the said Mr. Lincoln Liwonde as to suggest the existence or subsistence of any sexual relationship, let alone marriage, between the two of you. Mr. Lincoln Liwonde has since found a partner, Ms. Victoria Kingstone, with whom he intends to share the rest of his life and the two have since held their traditional engagement ceremony,” reads part of the demand letter.

Kingston: It’s a lie

But Mhangani-Liwonde has shot back, challenging that she cannot apologize to someone who snatched her husband.

In an interview on Monday, Nelly maintained that Lincoln Liwonde remains her husband, saying this is why he is still keeping “our household property and my clothing items, which I left with him because I knew I was coming back”.

“If I had permanently moved to the UK and was not living and married to Lincoln, why would I leave my property, bank cards and bank cheques with him?”

“Lincoln Liwonde, my husband, is the only man in the world my 4 children call dad. Why would they call him that if they didn’t know him as such? Why would I lay claim on a man whom I am not married to? Is that even possible? Is he some rich guy every woman wants by her side? No. For 2.5 years I single handedly supported my husband financially from paying his debts, child’s fees and food down to haircuts and airtime. If anything I should be saying let him go if he was not the husband I am legally married to because of his poverty. Instead I am here fighting for my marriage to him in spite of his nature and state,” said Nelly in her response to the demand letter.

She further advised James to tell his clients to respond to her questions and request for evidence of the invalidity of my marriage.

“Also because of Victoria’s position and my husband’s desperation to make easy money by associating with a parliamentarian, I fear for my life as she seems adamant not to leave my husband and our marriage alone and she will do anything to have him and he will do anything to gain from associating with her financially. However, I will not stop fighting for my marriage outside the court system,” reads Nelly’s response to lawyer Sylvester Ayuba James.

In a separate interview on Saturday, MP Kingston confirmed that she recently got engaged to Lincoln Liwonde at a traditional ceremony that took place a few days ago.

But she denied allegations that she snatched someone’s husband.

“Can Nelly produce evidence that her marriage to Lincoln was valid? Let her produce it,” she reacted.

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