MRCS to conduct sustainability study of 3 projects

The projects include the Community Resilience Program (COMREP) phase 1, Blood Donor Recruitment, and Disaster Preparedness for Southern African Countries (DIPSAC), with the study to be conducted in the first quarter of 2023.

The study according to MRCS aims to assess the sustainability of the projects that MRCS implemented in partnership with the Danish Red Cross and other partners over the past four years.

To kickstart preparations for the study, MRCS senior management, represented by Director of Programs and Development Prisca Chisala, heads of department, and specialists, met with Danish Red Cross Country Representative Eva Jordung and other DRC delegates a few days ago.

Eva: The studies are important

Jordung noted the importance of such studies, saying, “While we appreciate that the Community Resilience Program, Blood Donor Recruitment, and other projects brought a positive impact on lives in the communities, it is always important to go back and check if the different innovations and gains from the projects have been sustained after the projects phased out. This will not only help as a look back study but will also help in planning sustainability of projects moving forward.”

Chisala (R): the studies will help in program development 

Chisala also expressed the importance of the sustainability study, stating that it will aid program development in the long term, “Sustainability study is always crucial in any project implementation, it helps to plan, notice the gaps, successes, and the gains are notable for an effective future implementation.”

The study will be led by MRCS’s Planning Monitoring Evaluation and Reporting (PMER) section and will be conducted in the districts and project impact areas where the three projects were implemented. Chisala also thanked the COMREP partners for supporting the process.

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