Mwakasungula urges further investigation into DPP abuse of power, public resources

Governance and Human Rights Advocate Undule Mwakasungula has described revelations that Electricity Generation Company (EGENCO) used to make payments on behalf of Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) as a mere tip of the iceberg, urging further investigation to unearth more rot in public service.

Mwakasungula, in a statement issued on Saturday, said the revelations expose how the former governing party used to abuse public resources by institutionalizing nepotism and corruption with procurement processes.

“The audit has also shed light on potential avenues for curbing the past abuses of power by DPP.  The revelation in the report of EGENCO making payments on behalf of the DPP when in power raises concerns about abuse of power and misuse of public resources. 

“This indicates a broader pattern of nepotism and corruption within procurement processes, damaging the DPP’s reputation and accountability record. The implication of these findings on the DPP’s legacy cannot be ignored and hence the need for comprehensive reforms within EGENCO to prevent further abuses of power by political parties like DPP,” reads part of the statement.

Mwakasungula added that EGENCO’s forensic audit for the period from 1st January 2017 to 31st March, 2022, has also exposed issues that have dented the company’s performance and image.

He said weak governance compounded by inconsistent policy adherence, unfavorable work environment, and a neglected succession plan, created a fertile ground for mismanagement and inefficiency for EGENCO.

“Consequently, the reputation and credibility of EGENCO as a key player in the energy sector could be compromised, potentially affecting investor confidence and Malawian’s trust. Further, in order to move forward, crucial steps and decisions are urgently necessary. EGENCO must learn from past mistakes and rebuild public trust hence  ensure as a  reliable electricity supply for Malawi,” says Mwakasungula in the statement.

According to the revered governance and human rights advocate, the EGENCO audit serves as a strong reminder of the importance of strong governance, clear policies and procedures, transparency, accountability, and performance measurement in parastatals such as EGENCO.

He said the board effectiveness must therefore be enhanced to ensure proper oversight and adherence to sound financial management practices to avoid experiences of the past.

“As deterrence, holding accountable those implicated in corrupt practices will be necessary to send a strong message that mismanagement will not be “Business as usual” like in the past governments and not tolerated by the current government. This will discourage further misconduct in all parastatals. Taking such measures of accountability will demonstrate the leadership and government’s commitment to addressing the issues raised in the audit. And in the end help rebuild public trust in EGENCO and the government’s ability to manage parastatals effectively,” concluded Mwakasungula.

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