NCIC launches Infrastructure Analytic Dashboard to promote transparency in Malawi’s construction sector

In a bid to foster transparency and accountability within Malawi’s construction industry, the National Construction Industry Council (NCIC) has unveiled an Infrastructure Analytic Dashboard.

This digital tool is set to revolutionize the way stakeholders access information regarding ongoing infrastructure projects nationwide.

Speaking during the launch of the dashboard in Lilongwe, Engineer Gerald Khonje, NCIC Chief Executive Officer, expressed optimism about the dashboard’s potential to empower stakeholders highlighting its ability to provide insights into project challenges, enabling both industry players and citizens to monitor progress effectively.

“As a regulator we are also able to analyse that information, so that we identify gaps we come up with interventions to address those gaps or to take those with substandard work to task, so this dashboard is very helpful to the Malawian nation,” Engineer Khonje said.

Khonje emphasized the importance of accountability, noting that the dashboard would enable regulatory bodies to identify and address gaps in project execution promptly.

“It terms of stakeholders they have been able to appreciate the information that they have been seeing, some stakeholders think that nothing is happening within the country but when they see the information that is available there, they become to wonder and know that alot is happening in the construction industry,” Engineer Khonje added.

Minister of Information and Digitization Moses Kunkuyu cutting a ribbon marking an official launch of the dashboard

In an interview, Minister of Information and Digitalization Moses Kunkuyu who presided over the launch commended NCIC for its commitment to transparency, asserting that increased access to project data would bolster public trust.

He also noted that this initiative is in line with President Lazarus Chakwera’s directive upon assuming office, operationalizing the Access to Information Act, and is expected to boost Malawi’s development in alignment with the country’s goals towards achieving Agenda 2063.

“This will give Malawians opportunity to monitor what is happening, what their government is doing in uplifting their lives in regard to agenda 2063,” Kunkuyu said.

Joe Ching’ani, Chairperson of CoST Malawi, emphasized the significance of transparency in infrastructure projects funded by taxpayers.

He stressed the need for responsible resource management to ensure the value for money and citizen satisfaction.

CoST program has four approaches which include; disclosure of information on infrastructure development, Multi-stakeholder working, social accountability as well as assurance.

Infrastructure Analytic Dashboard is supported by Foreign Commonwealth and Development office (FCDO).

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