Nyasa Tobacco Buying Company excites tobacco growers with $3.06 for burley

New entrant on the tobacco market, Nyasa Tobacco Buying Company, has brought excitement to growers following the highest record price of the season for burley tobacco.

The company hit a record of $3.06 per kilogram at the Lilongwe Auction Floors on Monday morning.

One of the growers, Chikondi Mgoneka, said the coming in of Nyasa Manufacturing Company on the market will turn tobacco fortunes around for the farmers.

Market closed with the-highest getting $3.06 per kilogram
Market closed with the highest getting $3.06 per kilogram

Tobacco is regarded as Malawi’s largest foreign exchange earning crop. However, growers have been complaining about poor prices companies offer for their leaf.

Tobacco Commission (TC) Director General Dr. Joseph Chidanti Malunga recently assured the country that the Commission will bring in more buyers to promote competition.

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