Pemphero Mphande now Ocean-Flo Life International brand ambassador

Social media influencer and author Pemphero Mphande has been unveiled as the new brand ambassador Ocean-Flo life intranational, a company that manufactures and supplies Liqui-Flo Mineral Complex, a dietary supplement that is produced by Ocean-Flo Life International.

In an interview with Nthanda Times, the company’s managing director for Malawi, Lumuli Mwakasungula, said Mphande is the right person to help champion the message of Liqui-Flo, which has a lot of health benefits as a dietary supplement that contains 78 natural minerals.

“We hope that with Pemphero Mphande’s network of influence, it will help us to reach more people in the country within a short period of time.

“It also means that if we reach out to more Malawians who are struggling with health issues, they will be assisted and be able to contribute to the growth of Malawi’s economy,” he said.

On his part, Mphande said he will use the knowledge that he has on social media to reach out to people about the importance of taking supplements such as liqui-flo, to stay healthy.

Ocean-Flo Life International’s new brand ambassador – MPHANDE

“I am glad to announce that I have signed a 6-month ambassadorship deal with Ocean-Flo Life International worth 5.8 million Kwacha.

“Ocean Flo sells Liqui-Flo Mineral Complex, a mineral and dietary supplement.

“I recommend this product to anyone with any illness. It is not a drug but a dietary supplement that can help cure many illnesses resulting from mineral deficiencies.

“Over the next few months, I will be sharing more about this product on this page. Today, we celebrate a new deal.

Ocean-Flo life intranational is a US-based company that also operates in Malawi.

Ocean-Flo Life International is a private limited company founded in 2019 in the United States of America and incorporated in the Republic of Malawi under its laws since 2021.

The company was established to offer a dietary supplement that contains 78 micro and trace minerals, worldwide.

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