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Political scientist Chimwemwe Tsitsi predicts weaker, divided legislative representation from DPP MPs

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Blantyre-based political scientist Chimwemwe Tsitsi has predicted that there would be weaker legislative representation from Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) lawmakers in light of the deepening intraparty differences.

DPP has witnessed heightened wrangles following the emergence of two camps, which are failing to agree on who should lead the party in the 2025 tripartite elections.

One camp, led by Shadric Namalomba, Chimwemwe Chipungu and Chipiliro Mpinganjira, have anointed and endorsed former president and party leader Professor Arthur Peter Mutharika as the candidate for the presidential election.

But this has not pleased another camp, reported to be sympathizers of Mulanje Central Constituency legislator Kondwani Nankhumwa, which is of the strong view that APM is ‘too frail and tired’ to carry the flag of the party let alone oversee the functions of the state in the event that he is given another mandate at the Capital Hill.

The latter camp further argues that APM is the reason DPP lost the election to President Dr. Lazarus McCarthy Chakwera in the court-sanctioned Fresh Presidential Election.

Reacting to the developments, Tsitsi predicted that Malawians should expect more divisions from DPP lawmakers as parliament resumes its next sitting this month end.

The political scientist stated that as divided as DPP is now, Malawians should therefore not expect much from the party.

In August 2022, renowned governance and political commentator George Phiri described the endless personal vendettas and infighting among DPP lawmakers as a sign that the party can no longer be entrusted with the responsibility of governing the country.

Phiri’s comments followed an injunction DPP member of Parliament (MP) for Mangochi South West, Shadreck Namalomba, obtained to reinstate him to the position of Chairperson of the Parliamentary Public Accounts Committee (PAC).

The court order removed DPP legislator for Zomba Chisi, Mark Botomani, from the position he held since July 19, 2022, when Leader of Opposition Kondwani Nankhumwa dropped Namalomba as the PAC Chairperson and member as power struggle and division in the erstwhile governing party continue to deepen.

Namalomba grudgingly congratulated Botomani and thanked former President Peter Mutharika for entrusting him with the responsibilities to serve in PAC.

But as Malawians thought the hatchet had been buried and it was time to move one, the Mangochi South West lawmaker went to court to obtain an order that stops Botomani from serving in the committee.

Leader of the House Richard Chimwendo Banda expressed dismay with the development because Namalomba is no longer a member of PAC.

Chimwendo Banda wondered how Namalomba will chair the committee he does not belong to.

“This notwithstanding, the House will respect the decision of the court on the matter while seeking direction from the Attorney General,” he reacted.




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