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Pop Young still gets support on his Tumbuka songs

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Malawi’s fast-rising Afro-Pop singer Pop Young real name Vitumbiko Chisoni is still receiving more support from his fans to continue singing in ‘Tumbuka’ language despite some discouraging comments towards his career.

The Mzuzu-based artist, who uses ‘Tumbuka’ language in most of his songs, received discouraging comments on Monday after releasing his ‘ Sole’ video sung in ‘Chitumbuka’.

In the discouraging comments, Pop Young was told not to use ‘ Chitumbuka’ in his songs if he wants to go far in music.

But reacting to this, several people have backed Pop Young not to give up in his ‘Tumbuka’ songs as language is nothing to do with music.

Wrote social media influencer Kelvin Silungwe “After all, I think atumbuka si anthu oyerekedwa, koma anthu ongosalidwa chabe. Its like some people dont want to see anything good come of out the north. Nkhani ya language mu nyimbo si nkhani yowopsezerena. And the Tumbuka really sounds sexy in Afro songs. We stand with you Pop Young.”

Pop Young

“It is safe to openly add Pop Youngg to the list of fast rising stars. 

“Like the late Wambali Mkandawire, the Collect star seems to have taken a grip on the tumbuka language to his songs. And that seems to be working well for him on the entertainment scene.

“Another thing is the fact that the young artist has proved to us that Tumbuka does go well with the Afropop genre.

“Of late, I have noticed that some of our artists, instead of fusing the local sounds to the genre, they try so hard to sound Nigerian, on the basis of trying to penetrate the international scene the way Nigerian artists have with the genre.

“Now the coming in of Pop Young and his team with the utilization of the local language, should be taken as a good step towards getting that cultural/traditional identity our songs deserve,” said journalist Aubrey Kalumpha.

University of Malawi student Propane Kaundo said: ” Pop Young get your flowers whilst you are still alive. Straightforwardly, this is what we call good music. I have just downloaded the recent dropped song from the youngster entitled “Sole”. I should admit that It’s one of the good songs that have been released this year.”

Roy View said :Pop young is a young star who is rising at a very fast rate with his Tumbuka afro beats. Just like Thondwa and Wambali Mkandawire (RIP)….Pop seems to be proud of Tumbuka language as almost all his songs have been done in Tumbuka.”

” I would like to send my congratulations to the Young king ( Pop Young) , and wish him a great Journey ahead.

“Was Watching his new Video, I call that Music and Quality, big up to him and his Management Team, he is truly on the right path,” wrote Musician Jay Jay Cee.

Pop Young recorded his first song ‘ Ndakusowa’ in 2016 and that is when the interest developed for him to actually make more music.

On his music list, he has several most loved songs sung in ‘ Tumbuka’ language such as ‘ Collect’ and the recent’ Sole’.

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