Rumphi Electoral stakeholders welcome new electoral laws

Political party leaders in Rumphi have said new electoral laws will improve transparency and enhance credibility of the 2025 General Election.

They made the remarks Thursday during a meeting which was organised by Malawi Electoral Commission (MEC) which was  aimed at sensitising faith, tradional and political leaders on the new electoral laws. 

District Secretary for Malawi Congress Party (MCP), Colings Msiska said well-informed citizens play a critical role in ensuring a peaceful election.

“When people are not informed of new electoral related development, they end up breaking procedures and laws, thereby suppressing rights of other electoral stakeholders, hence defeating the essence of multiparty democracy.

The current electoral laws criminalize political related insults especially on the part of politicians who do not have convincing facts to share with the electorate during campaign period,” said Msiska

He commended MEC for the laws which he said will ensure that political campaigns are issue based adding that politicians who have issue based manifestos can contribute to the development of the country.

“These laws are good and my job is to share them with my party’s followers,” he said.

Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) Director of Youth for Rumphi, Magaba Zgambo said he was pleased to learn that one can contest for a political office anywhere in the country as long as he is a citizen of Malawi and a registered voter among others.

“I did not know all along that we have this law. This is a very good constitutional provision and as a political leader, I will share the same message to the people.

Sensitisation on 50+1 percent law is also very important. People know why there is provision for re-run especially where no presidential candidate emerges victorious after a poll. This will also reduce incidences of political violence once people are informed, ” said Zgambo.

MEC Commissioner, Anthony Mkumbwa said the electoral body wants all Malawians to be well informed about electoral laws for fair and credible General Election.

Commissioner Mkumbwa: take the massage to communities in your societies

“There are only seven commissioners at MEC including the chairperson. We can’t be everywhere. These faith, traditional and political leaders among others are crucial in ensuring, free and fair elections, ” Mkumbwa said.

He then urged the leaders to utilise every opportunity to inform people about changes to some of the electoral laws.

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