Sany donates excavator to Malawi

Sany Group of Companies has donated an excavator worth US$150,000 (approximately K158.8 million) to Malawi to help rebuild the country from the devastating effects of Tropical Cyclone Freddy that destroyed infrastructure and crops, killed many people and left others missing. 

The Company made the donation Thursday when President Dr Lazarus Chakwera visited the company to appreciate how the company manufactures construction machinery.

Speaking during the donation, the company’s manager, Phl Zhao said the donation comes at a time when Malawi has not fully recovered from the effects of Tropical Cyclone Freddy with most infrastructure that was destroyed by the cyclone yet to be rebuilt.

Chakwera ‘road tests’ the donated machine

He said the company felt that the excavator would, to some extent, help Malawi in rebuilding.

“At Sany, we have a disaster relief program through which we help others during disasters just like we helped Japan during the nuclear leakage crisis by donating a pump truck to pour water in the affected area to cool down the damaged reactors in order to save many lives,” he said.

President Chakwera expressed gratitude to Sany, describing the donation as a “needed gift” that will go a long way in rebuilding areas hit by Freddy in Malawi.

“Our desire is to industrialise just as China has done. It is my expectation that as we are here, we will learn more from China on how they industrialised fast.

Chakwera (L) receives the donation from Sany Group Company

“I have seen companies doing things exponentially and developing fast and, as I said yesterday (Wednesday), if we must have a shared future, Africa, and Malawi specifically, has to keep up and emulate from China for us to prepare better, build stronger and be resilient,” said Chakwera.

The President noted that China’s modernisation drive is fascinating with magnificent infrastructure development including skyscrapers and green scenery which, he said, Malawi has to adopt.

“I have visited other manufacturing companies and their work is magnificent. I visited a plant which manufactures blocks that can be used to build a multistorey block in seven days. This is overwhelming. It is an initiative that can be used to fast track infrastructure development and Malawi will need all that,” he said.

Apart from Sany Group of Companies, the President visited Changsha Broad Homes Industrial Group of Company, and HNAC Technology Company Limited, a firm that provides services in water conservation and hydropower, power transformation and distribution as well as hybrid renewable energy.

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