Soldier Emmanuel Ghost Mbewe to challenge Chakwera at MCP convention

Former Malawi Defence Force (MDF) soldier and musician Emmanuel Ghost Mbewe has come out in the open to declare his interest to contest for the Malawi Congress Party (MCP) presidency at its next convention.

Mbewe becomes the first MCP member to contest against the sitting party leader and State President Dr. Lazarus McCarthy Chakwera.

The leadership of the party already endorsed President Chakwera as its torchbearer in the 2025 presidential elections. However, the party emphasized that it will not gag anyone member to try his or her luck.

Mbewe confirmed in an interview that he would be running for the party’s presidency.

“I want to provide an alternative leadership. Malawians have tried civilians, now it is a time for them to try a soldier,” he said. “My administration will not tolerate any form of nepotism, tribalism and corruption. All corruption convicts will be executed.”

Poster of Emmanuel Ghost Mbewe trending on the social media

He disclosed that he has already started mobilizing delegates to the convention to vote for him at the convention.

Musician Emmanuel Ghost Mbewe, fondly known as True Soldier in music circles, came into the limelight in 2007 and became more popular during the Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) when he challenged some of the decisions the Peter Mutharika’s administration made.

He has collaborated with Zambian musician General Kanene in a number of songs. Recently, he recorded several gospel songs, including Timkweze, Amatikonda, Wamayankhoand Tidzakuyamikanibe.

The musician has four albums to his credit; Nyada Ufe, Mkwiyo wa Alimi, Njanjanja and Chitserekwete.

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