Touch a Life Initiative donates school uniforms in Chiradzulu

Among the recipients is Joyful Kachimanda, a Standard 7 pupil who had been attending school without a uniform for four years.

This donation has changed her school experience, which had previously been marked by low self-confidence and poor academic performance.

Joyful, a 14-year-old student, had not worn a uniform since 2019, when her previous uniform no longer fitted her. She and her four siblings are taken care of by their grandmother, who could not afford to buy her another uniform.

Joyful: my confidence has been restored

“Attending school without a school uniform lowered my self-confidence in class and among my peers. Academically, I couldn’t concentrate on my studies and my performance was affected,” said Joyful.

The organization’s Chairperson, Alinafe Mbonongo, said that the donation was a way of promoting education among vulnerable students.

Mbonongo urged well-wishers to support needy students in various ways, including paying for their fees, textbooks, and uniforms. The donation of school uniforms is worth K400,000 and was raised through individual contributions from members of the grouping. 

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