Undule, George Chaima praise Chakwera for according Goodall a ‘deserving state funeral”

Governance and Human Rights Advocate Undule Mwakasungula and political analyst Dr George Chaima have praised President Dr. Lazarus McCarthy Chakwera for honoring and according departed former Finance Minister, Goodall Gondwe, a state funeral.

Mwakasungula has since described the directive by Chakwera to accord a state funeral to fallen heroes as ‘a biblical message of loving your neighbour and those even you do not agree with’.

Mwakasungula and Chaima were reacting to the decision by Chakwera to accord state funerals to former ministers in the Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) government: Peter Fatch and Goodall Gondwe.

Speaking in separate interviews on Thursday, Mwakasungula said by directing that Fatch and Gondwe should be accorded state funerals, the State President had demonstrated his commitment to ensuring that every Malawian should be treated fairly and equally irrespective of their social, regional and political affiliations.

“The gesture by the President is Godly and teaches us that he is above cheap partisan politics and that is what national leaders must do. What the President has shown is something the country must build on even in the future. We must leave politics aside in such scenarios for the sake of building national peace and unity. Honestly, according the late Hon Goodall Gondwe, a state funeral will please the people from the north who have always been complaining of being sidelined,” said Mwakasungula.

Gondwe, to be accorded a state funeral

He added that Gondwe deserved a state funeral being an icon in Malawi.

“He dedicated his life contributing to making Malawi and beyond a better place. He was a great man, a giant, unique , extraordinary and humble human being. His contribution to this country is huge as you can’t talk about the economy of Malawi without Goodall Gondwe, as that would be a crime somehow. He was in and out trying to find solutions for the good of our economy. That was Goodall. I remember him one day telling me young man keep it up, this country needs brilliant and strong young men like you. We must not cry for Gondal Gondwe as a nation, but celebrate his life,” narrated Mwakasungula.

On his part, Dr. Chaima said President Chakwera has demonstrated that he is a true servant leader who doesn’t segregate anybody based on regional or political front.

“If we are to look at the leadership style of Dr Chakwera, we see a type of leader who demonstrates true servant leadership. He doesn’t segregate anybody based on regional or political front. He promised this in his Hi5 philosophy and that’s what is being demonstrated now. He is struggling with his government because a broad array of communities fail to understand his inclusive approach to the governance system. He accommodates everybody regardless of political, tribal, regional or religious affiliation,” he observed.

Dr. Chaima further noted that Chakwera continues to honor the departed souls of key figures in our society with military honor because he recognizes that every citizen has played a role to transform this country politically, economically and socially.

At this point, the analyst said Gondwe deserves such an honor as he has served this country patriotically and transformatively well.

“President Chakwera cannot afford to deny the late Hon Goodall Gondwe such respect due to his national exceptional role and recognition in the civil and political field. He was a man of great honor and exceptionally intelligent. He was an asset to the nation and very rare to replace that is why even now our economy is struggling because there has never been an easy substitute to the late Hon Goodall Gondwe,” said Chaima.

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