Zomba City Council launches K980m road construction project

Zomba City Council Mayor and Chinamwali Ward Councillor Davie Maunde, have launched the construction of the Ndelemani Road worth K980 million. 

The 1.5km road, which is expected to take 180 days to complete, will be constructed by Cas Civil Engineers.

During the launch, Maunde emphasized that the road will address transportation challenges in the area and connect three villages around Chinamwali. 

He revealed that heavy rains had made the road unpassable, causing difficulty for the locals. 

“We are happy that in just a few days, people from Chinamwali will have a modern road, which is the most reliable,” he said.

Councillor Maunde during the launch

The road is funded by the Road Fund Administration, and Maunde assured people in the city that K200 million Kwacha has been set aside by the City Council to maintain the roads damaged by Cyclone Freddy.

Director at Cas Civil Engineers, Tutule Msukwa, pledged to put in a lot of effort to meet the deadline and employ many residents from the area to reduce poverty. 

“We believe in doing the work once, and that is why we have specialists and a team of engineers to come out with strong and standard projects. It is our policy that wherever we go, we give the opportunity to residents, empowering the local community,” Msukwa said.

In his remarks, Laston Ndalama, the Group Village Headman Ndelemani, urged residents to take full responsibility for monitoring the project and to distance themselves from stealing materials intended for the project. 

“We have a committee that will monitor the project, and we will also monitor our people. Anyone found breaking the law, either by stealing or otherwise, will face the law,” he added.

The construction of the Ndelemani Road is a significant development that will improve the lives of the people in the Chinamwali area, as it will create better transportation access and facilitate economic growth.

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