20 illegal immigrants arrested in Lilongwe


Lingadzi Police Station in the capital city of Lilongwe has arrested Zaliab Eric and 19 others, all from Congo, for illegal entry. The suspects were arrested on January 27, 2023, in area 49, Baghdad.

Working on a tip from community members about an unknown group of people believed to be foreigners staying in one house, the police swiftly went and arrested the said 20 Congolese. 

Upon investigations, it has been discovered that out of them, only two (2) have passports while the rest had a UNHCR document. However, the document shows that they were applying for a Visa which was declined due to a lack of transparency surrounding refugee travel loans.

Meanwhile, police are working hand in hand with Immigration Department and the Refugees Agency for the proper disposal of the suspects who are currently in police custody.

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