AFORD calls for federal system of government

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The remarks come barely a few days after a Federalism institute requested President Lazarus Chakwera to call for a national referendum within two months so that Malawi can adopt a federal system of government.

Speaking at a rally the part held at Baka Primary School Ground in Karonga on Saturday, Chihana said his party wants to change the approach and take the government to the people and the federal system of government will benefit Malawi as a whole if adopted.

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“Federal system of government is going to be of benefit to the whole Malawi because, in a federal system, there will be provisional governments in each region, and when the budget is made, the money can be allocated to each region to help in development,” he said.

Chihana: The federal system of government will benefit the whole Malawi

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He further pointed out that all developed countries are using a federal system kind of government.

However, a political analyst, Victor Chipofya was quoted  in local media, saying the federal system of government might not be the best solution to the country’s social economic development challenges, considering that Malawi is yet to deal with nepotism and tribalism.”

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The party is projecting to have a convention end of April or mid-May this year according to the party president Chihana.

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