Analyst calls recent political rallies a preparation for 2025 elections


University of Malawi-based Political analyst, Ernest Thindwa suggests that recent political rallies which different political parties have held in the country, is an indication that politicians have started preparing for 2025 general elections.

Over the weekend there were several political party rallies held across the country, for instance, the United Democratic Front (UDF) on Saturday held a rally in Mzuzu to celebrate the party’s 30th anniversary, Alliance for Democracy (AFORD) was also in Nchalo for its 30th anniversary while the ruling Malawi Congress Party (MCP) held a development rally at Nyambadwe ground in Blantyre.

AFORD President Enock Chihana during a political rally in Thyolo

Speaking in an interview on Tuesday, Thindwa said political parties are gearing up for the 2025 general elections saying rallies are part of the elections process.

“This is not surprising, of course, there is a billing that they are celebrating their 30 years of existence but the key issue is that they are getting prepared for 2025, nothing less from that.

“Political rallies have a symbolic value in the sense that parties can be able to claim that they attract a crowd, but massive crowds in a rally does not translate into votes,” said Thindwa.

Commenting on the same, UDF Secretary General, Kandi Padambo said his party is just trying to make itself available to the public, saying UDF is celebrating its 30 years’ anniversary while reminding Malawians what they achieved when they were in power.

AFORD spokesperson, Saulos Thindwa refuted that the party is in a campaign mode, saying by taking their rallies across the country they are celebrating their existence and contribution to democracy in the country.

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