ASWAP urges farmers to plant soil fertility fixing trees

Agriculture Sector for Wide Approach (ASWAP ll) Desk Officer for Thyolo, Richard Thole has asked farmers in the district to plant trees that add soil fertility to realize bumper harvests.

In an interview with Malawi News Agency (Mana) on Wednesday, he said farmers should stop depending on artificial manure, noting that it is encouraging land degradation.

“We are encouraging farmers in the district to plant more trees that provide fertility to the soil such as Grilicidia Sepium and Tephrosia Volgeil (Ombwe),” Thole said.

“Farmers are failing to harvest bumper yields due to too much dependency on artificial fertilizer; so, once they fail to have access to affordable fertilizer they end up harvesting low yields,” the Desk Officer added.

He said through ASWAP project, many farmers in the district have already benefitted from the initiative, advising other farmers to practice the method to conserve soil and realize high yields.

One of the farmers from Beula Village in Traditional Authority (TA) Kapichi, Charles Mtota said through the initiative, his harvest per year has been positively improved.

“The moment, I started planting these trees in my field, I started harvesting more,” he confessed.

ASWAP project which started in 2016 continues to support local farmers in the district for both crop and animal husbandry.