Athelete repairs a broken borehole at Mapereka Primary School in Mulanje

Learners at Mapereka Primary School, Traditional Authority( T/A) Mabuka in Mulanje district can now breath a sigh of relief after athlete Shantel Davie repaired a broken borehole at the school which has stayed over 10 years without functioning.

Speaking on Tuesday after Davie handed over the borehole, the School's Head Teacher Joyce Mulima Kazembe, thanked Davie for the initiative.

Kazembe said the repaired borehole will solve access to clean water challenges learners at the school and the surrounding communities had been facing.

“Before the borehole got repaired, learners used to walk long distances to fetch water for cleaning classrooms and toilet. I am very happy because all the problems we had concerning water are now over . God should always bless Davie for what he has done here,” said Kazembe.

In her words, Jacquiline Thawani, a standard six learner at the school also expressed her excitement over the restoration of the borehole.

She said in past three years, classes were disturbed because the time when other learners were in class others were somewhere far from the school searching for drinking water.

Group Village head Kadewere, real name emmie Namakhwa from Senior Chief Chikumbu in the district where Davie has also repaired some boreholes thanked the athlete for his charity works.

She said that as a Group Village Head, she will form up a committee that will look after the borehole.

The borehole which has been repaired by Davie

“I ask God to bless Shantel for restoring the boreholes in my community because in past years we were fetching water at the river where we met snakes. With this repaired borehole, we are now we are happy that we will fetch water near home," she thanked.

After repairing the borehole, Athlete Shantel Davie said he follows what the Bible and Qur’an teaches us that we should help those who are in need hence embarking on borehole repairing initiativeres so as to help those in need of help

He said “I am asking for well-wishers to help us so that we can reach many people in the country”.

Davie has been helping people through repairing boreholes since October, 2021 and as of now he has repaired over 40 boreholes in Mulanje district.