CfSC bemoans country’s rising poverty levels

The Centre for Social Concern (CfSC) has bemoaned the country’s high inflation rate, saying it has contributed to rising poverty levels among the citizenry.

CfSC Executive Director Dr. Father James Ngahy made the remarks Thursday morning in Lilongwe during the launch of 2022 CfSC Annual Report.

According to Fr. Ngay, the 2022 CfSC Annual report has among others found that the country in 2022 faced weather related shocks and high inflation rate, which has made the country to be among the top eight poorest countries in Africa, the other seven being war stricken.

“The country is doing well in its finances, and poverty levels are increasing. The report has established that Malawi is among the top eight poorest countries in Africa. Surprisingly, the other seven countries are war stricken such as Mozambique, Burundi, Niger, Somalia among others, yet Malawi is a peaceful country,” said Ngahy.

The CfSC Executive also urged government to step up efforts in developing the country, through local investments, saying currently there is too much reliance on organizations support.

“The country is depending too much on organizations. If you look at Malawi, there are many organizations. I ask myself that what is the problem, we also need to look at ways and means of trying to invest in the country ourselves so that even the organizations should reach at a stage of being satisfied with their work, and government should take over. But the organizations continue to do work which is supposed to be done by the government,” added Fr. Ngahy.

In a separate interview, Father Augustine Katundu said government has a critical role in addressing challenges which are affecting the citizenry.

Father Katundu underscored that the cost of living in the country has increased, calling for an urgent action from government.

“The cost of living in the country has risen, there is high inflation rate, we have heard about the local currency devaluation, and here we are with fuel shortages. The increase in fuel prices has led to the increase in price of various basic items. There is a need for a long-lasting solution from government,” he said.

According to the annual report, things in the country have gone down. Some of the challenges have contributed to the situation include, but not limited to, tropical cyclones Gombe and Ana, cholera outbreak, and inadequate finances.

This is the second annual report that CfSC has released, having released the first in 2022.

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