Chakwera launches 2023 Poppy Week, calls for service to fallen, living ex-servicement

President Dr. Lazarus McCarthy Chakwera on Friday launched the 2023 Poppy Week with a call to Malawians to accord ‘noblest services’ to men and women who served in the country’s military and contributed to the Malawi Defence Force’s well-established reputation.

President Chakwera stressed that the military service is enjoying good reputation as a discipline, skillful, and patriotic institution because of the discipline the first soldiers instituted.

The launch took palace at the Kamuzu Palace where ex-military servicemen and women were in attendance.

President Chakwera stated that Malawi Defence Force surpasses any government ministry, department and/or agency in defending and safeguarding constitutionalism and institutionalism.

“There is no better role model in our governance framework than the Malawi Defence Force. For this reason, those who have gone into retirement after wearing the uniform with valour and honour deserve our fondest memory, our highest regard, and our noblest service,” said the President.

Chakwera: We need to support of the heroes who sacrificed a lot for the liberties we enjoy today

He, however, expressed sadness that ex-service men and women were not being cared for and that most of them live in dire state.

He called upon Malawians to stay the course in caring for their welfare and celebrating their contribution to the national security.

“And there could be no better occasion for us to reflect on these things and recommit ourselves to the care of those who have at one time or another put themselves in harm’s way to keep us safe than the start of this poppy season in which the whole world turns its thoughts towards those who do not sleep so that we can, those who have put aside their individual freedoms to safeguard ours, those who have secured our citizenship to this country by keeping an unblinking eye on the integrity of our borders, those who have given their lives to military service so that we can enjoy our civilian ways of life in peace,” he said.

“To all of you here, to all those you represent and are not able to be here, and to all those we have lost along the way, I say, on behalf of the Malawian people, Thank you. And it is my distinguished privilege as Commander-in-Chief to declare Poppy Week launched in your honour,” concluded President Chakwera.

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