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Chakwera salutes Catholic bishops for giving him wise counsel

President Dr. Lazarus McCarthy Chakwera has commended the Catholic Church in Malawi for playing a key role the promoting democracy and good governance by giving State Presidents wise counsel while at the same time standing firm in truth.

Speaking at the consecration of the Bishop of the Diocese of Zomba on Saturday, Chakwera also saluted the Catholic Bishops for always standing firm in pursuit for social and economic justice to ensure that ordinary Malawians are the ultimate beneficiaries of the government they put into power through the vote.

“Whenever the Bishops give me counsel, they speak plainly and truly as men who are prepared to stand up for justice, liberty, and peace, men who are prepared to fight for these values against any powers or forces that threaten them. It is proper for me to receive counsel from the Bishops because their love for Malawi and its people is passionate, sacrificial, and unwavering, a love marked by a genuine desire to see this country prosper spiritually, socially, and economically,” said the President.

He added, “Most importantly, I consider it proper for me to receive counsel from the Bishops because their counsel is unlike any counsel I can receive from any Government Minister or Advisor, for the counsel of the Bishops is the counsel of God, borne out of hours spent in prayer and meditation.”

Turning to the newly consecrated Bishop Alfred Mateyo Chaima, President Chakwera described the appointment and consecration as the season of Lord’s favour on Episcopal Conference of Malawi considering that the country had consecrated two bishops in just one year.

President Chakwera receiving anointing from the newly consecrated Bishop of Zomba

He expressed delight that he was a beneficiary of the College of Bishops for, in the three years  of his presidency, he has hosted an interface with the Episcopal Conference of Malawi a total of seven times, which is an average of no less than one interface every six months.

“From those interfaces, I have found the college of Bishops to be a great source of wisdom, encouragement, and comfort, which the Bishops administer with humility, integrity, and maturity. Additionally, I have drawn great inspiration from the example that the Bishops set for honesty, devotion, and courage. I am therefore delighted that His Lordship Bishop Chaima has now joined this distinguished and eminent body of Bishops, and I look forward to have the benefit of his anointed counsel at my next interface with the Conference, hopefully over some Nsima and Fish,” said Chakwera.

He thanked and praised “our Lord Jesus for his grace upon his holy church, and for the unfathomable wisdom by which he has set apart the Right Reverend Alfred Chaima as a full Bishop for the Diocese of Zomba”.

“For this reason, Your Lordship Bishop Chaima, I commend you to God for the faithful discharge of the assignment he has given you. I believe I speak for everyone here in assuring you that we are committed to support you in your Ministry, to pray for the protection of your heart from the schemes of the evil one, to heed the admonitions of your homilies, and to submit to the authority of your sacred office. May the Lord Almighty bless you and keep you, and congratulations once again,” said Chakwera.

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