Chaponda ask for removal of vendors from the country’s streets

In an interview with Malawi News Agency on Wednesday at Parliament Chaponda said vendors flooding the streets is leading to insecurity issues.

He said these days one cannot move with their bag freely in the cities someone will steal from them and it’s difficult to trace because the cities are crowded with people ever.

“This is not acceptable as such I’m pleading to them that they have to do something,” said Chaponda.

During the time of DPP we managed to remove the vendors in the streets and there was order in the streets.

“In Limbe you could move around and actually kick some goods here and there, in Mzuzu the same thing, but we created alternatives for them, we gave them time and notices for them to get ready at the same time without any harshness.

Chaponda: Government must act on street vendorsA

“We assured them that people will come at their places to buy the things in their locality and we told them that people will be returned but this has not been followed,’’ he said.

He therefore said that government should look at this issues carefully so that people should be secure when moving in the cities of the country.

Vendors have crowded the streets of the cities selling their different products for example along the Lilongwe bridge there are a lot of vendors selling their merchandise.

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