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Communities in Mangochi urged to drink from protected water sources

Deputy Minister of Water and Sanitation, John Bande has urged communities in Mangochi drink from protected water sources to avoid Cholera as the district continues to register cases of the water and food borne disease.

He made the call on Saturday when he toured Southern Region Water Board (SRWB) treatment plant and water kiosks at M’baluku in Mangochi to appreciate how the board was providing safe piped drinking water amidst the Cholera outbreak.

After the tour, Bande expressed satisfaction in the way SRWB was providing safe and potable water in Mangochi Town and surrounding areas, saying government was committed to continue providing safe water to every Malawian.

He added that government would continue with policies that are meant to provide affordable and safe water to consumers in many parts of the country including Mangochi.

“We know that not everyone can be connected with free water and what water boards are doing is to bring water closer to people,” the Deputy Minister added.

Bande expressed concern with communities that fetch water from shallow wells, lakes, rivers and other unprotected sources, noting that this contributes to increased cases of cholera in many parts of the country.

“Some people are still accessing water from unprotected water sources and after carrying out tests we’ve established that the water from such sources is not chlorinated,” he said.

Bande called on communities in Mangochi and other parts of Malawi to source water from protected sources to avoid Cholera.

Mangochi registered 4, 612 cases and 89 deaths recently, according to Cholera update by the Ministry of Health as of January 6, 2023.

Chief Executive Officer for SRWB, Duncan Chambamba hailed Bande for touring Mangochi to appreciate SRWB facilities that facilitate provision of safe water to people at Mangochi Boma and surrounding areas.

He said the SRWB was committed to providing safe, reliable and affordable water to people in Mangochi and other districts, adding: “Our mandate is to provide water to our customers in the southern region and the board will continue to do so.”

Meanwhile, government through SRWB is constructing an intake, water treatment plant at Nkhudzi Bay in Mangochi and the board is currently laying pipes for supply of water under Nkhudzi Bay potable water project to improve safe water supply in the district.    

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