DISCOM Communications launches first ever LanguageCert Test Centre in Malawi

Developed Information Systems for Community Communications Public Limited Company (DISCOM Communications) on Friday launched LanguageCert Test Centre in Lilongwe with a commitment to developing and delivering high quality, internationally recognized language examinations.

The examinations will enhance the career education and life prospects of individuals worldwide.

The launch follows an approval the institution got on 13 February 2023 to be a Test Centre for International English Speaking (ISOL), Test of English, Young Learners ESOL.

Speaking at the launch of the centre, DISCOM Communications patron, Dr. Patricia Kaliati, said the programme will enhance the language skills among Malawians who want to stand out globally, especially the youths, as they look for job and economic opportunities.

“We have been experiencing a low level of English language in our schools as very few can interpret the content at their disposal. The youth fail to introduce themselves and lack confidence to express themselves. This makes it difficult for them to secure jobs,” said Kaliati.

Kaliati granting journalists an interview after the launch

On her part, DISCOM Communications Executive Director Doreen Dalitso Kayoyo said low levels of English Language and communications skills that enable access to information through technology remains a challenge in Malawi despite the government’s commitment to ensuring technological advancement as a prerequisite to achieving MW2063.

Kayoyo highlighted computer illiteracy, low levels of knowledge on how to use technology, inadequate facilities and to some extent political interference as some of the challenges facing the youths.

“Harnessing and providing solutions to Language barriers in communication information technology (ICT) could facilitate education and training for international social economic development, raise overall efficiency in the delivery of basic public services, and open up business and educational opportunities for many young people in Malawi who are missing out on opportunities available through the World Wide Web (WWW). Moreover, the initiative will help young people achieve significant progress in understanding modern issues through Vocational Guidance programs being offered, thereby making them develop their plans(products) according to the changes in the market,” she said.

South Africa-based LanguageCert official, Romeo Mabasa, said the opening of the English Language Test Centre will open a wave of opportunities to the Malawian youths.

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