DNA opens room for collaboration as Che Kaliwo album is in its final stages

Mzuzu based afro-fusion musician Daniel Kaliwo, popularly known as DNA has opened up to collaborate with other artists as he is working on his third album “Che Kaliwo”

The Mukandipepesere hitmaker told Nthanda Times in an interview that he is working on his third album titled Che Kaliwo, and plans to release it in February this year.

DNA who mentioned that he will work with other artists on the album posted on his Facebook page that he has taken the opportunity that he is spending much of his time in the studio to collaborate with other artists on their songs.

“As I am working on finalizing my album, I have thought it wise to use the same opportunity to work on other artists’ projects. Since I am spending too much time in the studio. Anyone up for a collabo halla me at 0983779494,” posted DNA.

The artist further revealed that he will release two promotional tracks songs namely Khwee and Sindinali Choncho off the album in January.

DNA who rose into the limelight in the music industry in 2011 already has two albums to his name namely Mizizi which was named after his son and was released in 2016, and Dziko la Amuna which was released in 2021.

The Mukandipepesere hitmaker told us in an interview that he has named the new album “Che Kaliwo” which will have 13 tracks because it is a dedication to his family and friends.

“I figured out I should dedicate this album to my family. From my dad, brothers, sisters, son, nieces, and nephews as well as friends. I have decided to do so that is why I have named the album after my family name Kaliwo, I am Daniel Kaliwo,” said DNA.

DNA who is also a medical practitioner says he has always looked forward to giving his fans the best album as compared to his two previous ones; a situation he described as challenging.

DNA, however, expressed optimism that the Che Kaliwo album will live up to its expectations and that it will be liked more than the two previously released albums.

“To be honest with you, my biggest challenge has been to come up with something better than the Dziko la Amuna album, and it has been tough. But I guess it is all about what I believe and what I know and nurturing my talent but I believe that my Che Kaliwo album will live up to my expectations,” said DNA adding that the new album will be released on 15th February 2023 which happens to be his birthday.

Promising to work on his presence in the music industry, DNA said he is preparing an album that his fans will live to appreciate the talent that God gave him, and thanked his fans for the love and support they show him which he said keeps him going and strong in the music industry.

“A lot of people have been saying I have been quiet in the music industry. I have been releasing singles that have been uploaded on various online platforms for free streaming and downloading. The only thing I have shunned away from is shooting music videos. You can see that I have only released a few videos despite having many songs. This is bound to change with the Che Kaliwo album.

“A lot of artists launched their albums in 2022. I took my time to listen to their product and weighed each one of them on what I call the finance music scale, then rated myself from that. I am very confident that my album will surely be one of the best from that list,” said the Mukandipepesere hitmaker.

DNA however conceded of criticisms he is going through as an artist as some people have approached him to change the style of his music and imitate other urban musicians’ style for him to remain relevant in the industry.

“I have been criticized for quite some time for sticking to what I know and believe that is music. People have asked me to diversify and sing like other artists for the sake of gaining more fans as well as doing a major upgrade on my fame, yet that is something I am not. That is something I will never be. I guess we all have different beliefs and strategies towards music,” he said.

The Che Kaliwo album according to DNA is centered on skill as well as a passion for the industry and what he does and contains inspirational as well as love songs, some of which will be released as singles along the way.

In a separate interview, one of DNA’s fans Sam Joseph from Lilongwe described DNA as a great artist who employs maturity when working on a song.

Joseph expressed his optimism that the “Che Kaliwo” album will bring good songs to the public.

“Unlike other musicians who sing for the sake of singing, DNA takes his time when working on a song. His songs send good messages to society. I am sure the songs in the new album will be of the same caliber.

“Talk of Mukandipepesere, Odala, Akadzangokwiya Yahwe, Si Icho, and many more others. Despite being on and off in the industry, his songs continue to touch many lives, especially youths,” he said.

Another fan, Symon Phiri commented on DNA’s post on Facebook that the artist is talented and needs to work on holding live shows and releasing new songs regularly.

“DNA, you are a very talented artist, only that you don’t market yourself as other artists do. Your fans expect you to be holding live performance shows, and releasing new songs regularly as well as embracing technology for more people to feel the presence of your songs, otherwise, you are one of the best in our land,” commented Phiri.

The Kaliwo album will have songs such as Khwee, Mdima, Ndisakuphele tsogolo, Baby mama, Misala, Chonde lumbila, and Ndi amayi just to mention some, and will be up for sale on different social media platforms as well as other online platforms.

After its release, the album according to DNA will be launched in the country’s major cities.

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