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DPP bemoans security breakdown: “Malawians are living in fear”

Former governing Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) has expressed concern with what it has termed as a spate and increase in the violence, terror and total breakdown of security in Malawi.

The party, in a statement signed by its spokesperson Shadric Namalomba, said Malawians are now living in fear because of the unprecedented rise in murders, cold blood killings, robberies, attacks and assaults “happening under the watch of President Chakwera and his MCP dominated Tonse Alliance”.

“We issue this statement to say NO to this violence, and we condemn Chakwera’s indifference to the suffering of people and businesses. These sad events, recent attacks and terror activities, are targeting ordinary persons, homes, businesses, motorists, while women and children have also increasingly sadly fallen victim.  We have witnessed incidences and received reports that both urban and rural people are living in fear,” said Namalomba in a statement.

He claimed that under the Tonse Alliance administration, the country has witnessed an increase in cases of armed robberies, carjacking, break-ins, and even politically motivated violence.

He said the incidents have created a sense of fear and unease among the citizens, adversely impacting their daily lives and economic activities. Malawi has turned into a lawless state.

Namalomba: Malawians are living in fear

“Living and staying in Malawi is becoming dangerous. Sadly, the government seems to be turning a blind eye. This has forced Malawians to resort to mob justice, which can be attributed to several underlying factors. Firstly, the citizens’ lack of confidence in the formal justice system. Malawi faces institutional challenges, such as a lack of judicial resources, corruption, and delays in the court processes, leading many individuals to believe that taking matters into their own hands is the only way to achieve justice swiftly,” reads the Namalomba’s statement.

He warned that the consequences of these security lapses in the country could be far-reaching and multifaceted, highlighting that they have the potential to harm the social fabric of the nation by instilling fear and undermining citizens’ trust in their government’s ability to protect them.

Namalomba has since called upon the government to ensure that responsible individuals be brought to justice without selectivity.

“The DPP calls upon law enforcement agencies to prioritize their investigation efforts to ensure swift and thorough action.  Strong cooperation among the police, judiciary, and other relevant authorities must prevail, fostering an environment where criminals are held accountable and public faith in the justice system is restored,” he said.

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