DPP gurus planning to bring Kabambe through backdoor

One of the Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) aspiring candidates Dalitso Kabambe is barred by the party’s constitution to contest for the top position since he has never held any position in the party.

According to senior party officials we have talked to, the DPP Constitution stipulates that only individuals who have held senior party positions for the last two years are legible to contest for the position of presidency or vice presidency of the party.

However, to still have Kabambe as a candidate, senior party officials are pushing Peter Arthur Mutharika to contest for the top position and in the event that he wins, he would surrender the presidency to Kabambe who will then lead the party in the 2025 presidential elections.

“Kabambe has never held any position and can not contest for the position of president or even vice president of the party.

“Now what Goodall Gondwe and some senior people in the party are doing is to try to push Kabambe into the senior position illegally. All what is being said about APM standing again is just a scheme,” said one senior official.

There have recently been divisions within the DPP with some people garnering for APM to stand again in 2025 while others are against the 86 year old party President being the party’s torch bearer in the coming elections with most of them saying the man is too old to be the President again.

Dalitso Kabambe, DPP Presidential hopeful

The tension reached fever high this week after Gondwe told a press conference that DPP members from the north have endorsed APM as the party’s candidate during 2025 elections. 

Among those who have been on an APM crusade include Gondwe himself and Charles Mchacha and are specifically believed to be opposing the candidacy of Kondwani Nankhumwa.

While the other camp is being championed by firebrand executive member Ken Msonda and has recently been joined by MP Werani Chilenga who has said that contrary to Gondwe’s recent pronouncement, the party has not endorsed APM as it’s presidential candidate in 2025.

APM during the party’s fundraising dinner hinted that he might not stand again but advised party members not to choose a leader who is not soundly educated, an advise many took as a direct reference to Nankhumwa whose educational credentials are questionable and dubious.

“All these people know that constitutionally Kabambe is barred from contesting. Their plan is that once APM wins at the convention he will eventually resign and appoint Kabambe as his replacement,” he said.

DPP spokesperson Shadric Namalomba who also doubles as APM’s spokesperson refused to respond to the allegations although he is also one of those pushing for the former president’s candidature.

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