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DPP vice president Zeria Chakale quits, weakens party ahead of 2025 poll

At a time people expect the Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) to rebuild in readiness for the 2025 elections, things seem to be taking the opposite turn.

The party’s pillar in the Central Region, Zeria Chakale, has quit the party both as a member and Vice President for the region.

According to the message circulating on whatsap, Chakale has resigned on personal grounds.

However, looking at what has been happening in the party in the past three years, one doesn’t need to read between the lines or rely on some Solomonic wisdom of some political scientist from some universities to understand that Chakale put up with a lot for a party whose future is bleak. It was just the right time to jump ship.

Chakale (C) has resignwd from DPP

Simply put, Chakale knows that DPP is a party on decline and there is no way it will bounce back and form government any time soon.

If anything, why would one quit when where there are prospects of forming the next government.

So as it is, the Central Region vice presidency is vacant once again. Chakale took over from Uladi Mussa upon his conviction three years ago.

Again, lest we forget, Chakale was one of the leading voices in the central region rooting for Mutharika’s candidature for the 2025 elections.

This, therefore, means her resignation is not only a loss to DPP but a defeat to Mutharika’s insatiable appetite for power.

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