ECDs help to improve lives of 120 children in Rumphi

Mdimwa Early Childhood Development Centre (ECD), which is being run by the Anglican Council of Malawi in Chatanda Village in Rumphi district, has received praises for transforming the lives of over 120 children.

The children, among others, get nutritious food, psychosocial and academic support from it. Parents describe the donor of the ECD, NCA/DCA Malawi, as a good Samaritan.

“Our children are as well taught good manners and good hygiene skills such as washing hands before taking food; conduct that prevents them from contaminating various diseases,” says Sokwani Msiska from Malamula Village whose child is among the children at the ECD.

She made the sentiments on Wednesday when members of the press toured the ECD in order to learn how it is trading considering that it came in the area to deal with malnutrition cases.

Addressing the press earlier, ACM’s Ntchenachena Extension Planning Area (EPA) field officer Angellah Nkhoma said there has been an improvement in the health standards of children prior to the introduction of ECD, the case was different.

“There were a lot of malnutrition cases around the area but now children are healthy because they are brought to the ECD where they are prepared porridge which consists of soya flour, maize flour, ground nuts flour and sugar,” explained Nkhoma.

Nkhoma (right) granting journalists an interview–Photo by Steria Manda

We also engaged a caregiver, Godfrey Chakanda, who said apart from teaching children in classes, they also engage themselves in sporting activities such as playing football and netball for their bodies fitness,”

Chakanda called on the parents and guardians to take their kids to the ECD, arguing it shapes the mindset in preparation for their primary level education.

In his reaction, Group Village Headman Chakanda has also applauded ACM for implementing the ECD centre in his area. The traditional leader says it has reduced the distance which children were traveling to and from the other ECD centers.

He has however appealed for more ECD Centers in his area as they will have more impact on community development.

May ACM consider constructing more ECD centers in my area. We are committed to receiving such developments in order to develop academically, he said.

ACM is implementing the program in the area with funding from NCA/DCA Malawi. Among others, the program aims at utilizing simple and affordable micro-drip irrigation technologies to improve nutrition for children, and access to markets among others.

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