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Undule chastises Dausi for...

Governance and human rights advocate Undune Mwakasungula has chastised Mwanza Central lawmaker Nicholas Dausi for uttering ‘irresponsible and unreasonable’ remarks about neighbouring countries, which are involving in search and rescue of survivors of Tropical Cyclone Freddy.

Chakwera calls for repentance,...

Malawi President Dr. Lazarus McCarthy Chakwera on Wednesday took time off his busy schedule to attend the Eminent Persons Forum, which was organized by the Evangelical Association of Malawi (EAM).

CSOs, legislators call for...

The Parliamentary Committee on Agriculture and civil society organizations (CSOs) have called for the redesigning of the Affordable Input Programme (AIP)0, observing that the programme currently overshadows other activities under the Ministry of Agriculture.

Donor confidence in Malawi...

Malawians have every reason to smile following the restoration of donor confidence in their government, with the World Bank being the latest bilateral partner to commit financial resources to the Malawi Government.
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Social entrepreneur Chipiliro Mizere publishes a book on tips for life

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In an interview, Mizere who is also a well-known writer and researcher said the book titled ‘ A comprehensive Guide to Navigating Life and Achieving Success’ and is on Amazon readers’ forum seeks to deal with social issues in the form of tips.

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He said that as a writer and researcher, he always had a feeling of pulling towards writing and addressing social issues to put his thoughts and ideas into a book. 

Mizere explained that the tips in his new book focus much on dealing with issues such as Job hunting, limited promotions at work, sexual harassment at work, and other gender issues.

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“Not only that but also things to do with marriage. Overall, the book is aimed at helping reduce people’s stress, and anxiety by finding available solutions to the people, in return the book can even help to reduce mental stress as it has simple answers in form of tips,” explained Mizere.

He added, “After months of research and writing, my book is now finally ready and available on Amazon for readers to purchase.”

Mizere: The book is ready for purchase at Amazon

The author said the book also has simple answers so that readers can easily understand its topics.

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“When writing this book, I made sure that the information contained therein is accurate and up-to-date. I also took into consideration the cultural and societal context in which the tips are being offered,” said Mizere.

He further explained that he still sells his book at a low price of less than $1 for the digital copy and $8.99 for the hard copy.

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Said Mizere “This is done to make the book accessible to as many people as possible. Just As my main aim is to help as many readers as possible to reduce stress and anxiety in their lives. I am happy that my book is now finally out and available for readers. I feel like fulfilling experience to be able to contribute to society in this way. I hope my book will help many readers improve their professional and personal lives.”

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To his fellow writers and those willing to start writing careers, Mizere advised them to continue writing and share their life stories.

“Let me offer my advice to any authors in Malawi or elsewhere. You should continue writing and sharing your stories, never give up on your passion, and always strive to improve your craft. Also, to seek opportunities to promote your work and to connect with readers. Writing is a challenging but rewarding endeavor as it only way to serve our country not only today but for the generations in our lifetime,” advised Mizere.

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Chipiliro Mizire is a  University of Malawi ( UNIMA) graduate, educator, and scientist who dedicates his career to helping others achieve their full potential.

As a life coach, he has offered guidance and support to countless individuals, helping them to overcome obstacles and achieve their goals.

In addition to his work as a coach, Mizere is also the author of several books including ‘ The Power of Positive Thinking’, ‘Overcoming Adversity’, and ‘The Science of Happiness’.

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With his unique blend of scientific knowledge and practical experience, Mizere is a trusted source of wisdom and aspiration for people around the world.


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